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How Phages Can Make You Healthier

Due to the strain-specific nature of phages, it is impossible to create a phage therapy product that eradicates all the strains of bacteria in one's environment - and Phage Cures, LLC cannot provide any assurance whatsoever that the phage therapy products it offers for sale will successfully cure any particular infection you may have contracted. Nevertheless, we can attest to the proven effectiveness of phage therapy in eliminating an array of potentially dangerous bacterial pathogens, including Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) - and due to phage therapy's versatility as a treatment for infection or as preventative medicine, we certainly believe that you can become healthier by making phage therapy part of your medical arsenal.

Proven Effectiveness

    Phage therapy has routinely excelled in tests for efficacy to which it has fairly been subjected:
  • A 1963 study conducted "in Tbilisi, Georgia enlisted more than 30,000 children in a blind study and reported that incidences of dysentery were significantly lower amongst those who prophylactically received a weekly phage pill (1.8 cases per 1000) rather than a placebo (6.7 cases per 1000)."1. This test "fulfills the quality requirements of modern placebo-controlled randomized clinical trials" but "is to date only documented by a single table in an abstract," as reportedly, "the original data were irretrievably lost in the archives of the KGB."2
  • In a 1983 Polish trial which encompassed "several hundred patients with suppurative bacterial infections, most of which were drug-resistant, phage therapy achieved a 92.4% overall success rate."3
  • Finally, "in 2009, a double-blind Phase II clinical study showed phages to be safe and effective at treating chronic drug-resistant ear infections."4

The Necessity of a "Match"

Phage therapy preparations normally consist of a phage "cocktail" - or a mixture of multiple phages - which a) enables the phage therapy preparation to work against a broader spectrum of bacterial pathogens and b) reduces the ability of bacteria to develop resistance against phages. In the latter case, "'using multiple phages targeting the same [bacterial] pathogen in a cocktail provides a built-in contingency against the development of phage resistance in bacteria.'"1 In other words, as bacterial pathogens evolve to foil specific phage predators, other phages will still be available to kill that bacteria; leading to a more thorough eradication of that particular bacterial pathogen (and ensuring that no "strong" bacteria survive to develop a more generalized resistance to phages). Due the fact that individual bacterial pathogens might ultimately become resistant to all the phages contained in a particular phage cocktail, however, the necessity periodically arises to introduce new phages into the cocktail. This addition or substitution ensures that "when [bacterial] mutants emerge, new phages with full potency can replace those that no longer work."2

The phage therapy products which Phage Cures, LLC sells are regularly "updated" to ensure their continued effectiveness. Yet, because phages are "strain-specific," the possibility always exists that these products will not contain any phages that attack the specific strain of bacteria which you have encountered. Accordingly, it is important that you become familiar with the prophylactic - or preventative medicine - component of phage therapy.