Phagyo Spray

Phagyo Liquid Spray Phage Therapy Product

Phagyo Spray is an all-natural, non-toxic, and organic phage therapy preparation, which contains phages that eradicate specific strains of Staphyloccocus, Streptoccocus, Pseudomonas, Proteus, and E-coli bacteria. Phagyo Spray provides all the benefits of Phagyo, with the added convenience and efficiency of a portable, easy-to-use spray container.

Phagyo Spray is particularly well-suited for use as an antibacterial disinfectant for hard, non-porous surfaces; as an antiseptic spray for protecting superficial cuts and burns against infection; and as a quick and effective antibacterial solution for protecting hands and utensils against bacterial contamination. Phagyo Spray may also prove useful for treating an incipient sore throat, but users are cautioned that such infections may require the application of a larger volume of solution than the spray can deliver (in which case Phage Cures, LLC recommends the use of Phagyo).

Phagyo Spray offers a "green" alternative to harsh cleaning chemicals, including the portable alcohol-based hand cleaning products that are coming under greater scrutiny in the United States and elsewhere for their potential to worsen antibiotic resistance among some strains of bacteria.

15.99 CAD